Hello and Welcome to the official website for WW2OK and WW2SUB callsigns. CHECKOUT NEW GALLERY AT: HTTP://GALLERY.WW2OK.ORG The USS BATFISH SS-310 was begun when her keel was laid on 27  December 1942 at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, N.H. It was launched on 5  May 1943, Commissioned on 21 August 1943. After a shake down cruise it  passed thru the Panama Canal and on to Pearl Harbor. T.H. The Batfish  made seven wartime patrols sinking 14 ships (including 3 submarines in 76  hours) 37,080 tons of enemy shipping plus damage to 3 other ships (4500  tons damaged) and rescued 3 down airmen.  After WW2 the USS BATFISH was re-commisioned during Korean War &  the Cuban Missile Crisis, then served as a training submarine and then was  decommissioned again. In 1972 It was given to the city of Muskogee,  Oklahoma to be used as a memorial to members of the silent service. It was  slung between 2 barges to make its trip up the Mississippi river and then up  the Arkansas river (thru 16 locks) to the port of Muskogee (yes, Muskogee  is considered a deep water port for barge traffic up the Mississippi and  Arkansas river systems).  A slit was cut in the bank and the boat was nudged into the slit and closed  off from the Arkansas River. The water was drained from the slit and the  boat rested on the ground kept in position by heavy cables.   MUSEUM HOURS at The Memorial Park are 10am-6pm Wednesday thru  Saturday and Sundays Noon-6PM  (BE SURE AND CLICK THE TABS ON TOP OF PAGE TO SEE ALL THE PAGES ON THIS WEBSITE) important notice: FOR ANYONE APPLYING FOR QSL CARDS FOR EITHER CALL SIGN  (WW2OK  AND WW2SUB) THE CORRECT ADDRESS IS:  QSL Manager - USS BATFISH  PO  BOX 253  MUSKOGEE, OK 74402  .... IF ANYONE HAD THEIR REQUESTS RETURNED  RECENTLY PLEASE RESUBMIT THEM AS WE HAD A TECHNICAL PROBLEM WITH THE  MAILBOX. PLEASE ACCEPT OUR APPOLOGIES IF QSL’S REQUESTS WERE RETURNED. MEETINGS ARE NORMALLY THE FIRST  SATURDAY EACH MONTH ON THE BATFISH AT 10AM